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April 9th, 2005

04:21 pm: Woot Woot
Long time no writes for me. I wrote up a big document about the last seven weeks, which I will start posting piece by piece soon. I enjoyed Sarah's 21st, yay! Fun times!

January 25th, 2005

09:23 am: I am moving to Wellington today. I have managed to condense everything I need down to 1 big bag, a laptop, a small carry bag, a school-sized bag, and a guitar. The problem will be carrying it all form the baggage claim to the taxi stand in Wellington. The rest of my stuff (ie. my usual computer) will be sent by truck once I get myself my own flat. Wish me luck.

And Jeff: Can you txt me your address? Either to my old or new cellphone #. When clearing out my room I found your two 3D game CD's + Monkey Island 3. I will mail them to you once I know what number you are. I know the street.

Current Mood: anxiousanxious

January 18th, 2005

08:52 am: One of these days I'm going to post again... But right now I have to get my stitches taken out! Hope everyone is well.

December 13th, 2004

07:38 pm: Had a great weekend.

Friday I worked as per usual, got home, played computer games - had some quick shots and went into town with my 'brotherfromanothermother' and another guy called Zak. That is - Steven, a friend of my brother's is living with us now, and I went into town with him. It was totally quiet. The only nightclub in Blenheim had about 5 people. I went home after half an hour and got some sleep.

Saturday Phillip and his mates had an all-day drinking BBQ fest. I didn't drink but I joined in on the festivities. Jess came up from Chch and I finally got my cellphone charger back. At night I went to Jess's place, her old flatmate (who is now a viticulturalist here in Blenheim) James came round + some old Blenheim friends and we went to town. Pretty good night.

Isn't it great without smoke in town? I partied until 3:30am without ANY drug enhanced energy! It was fantastic. People really did follow the rules. I like it very muchly.

Sunday I played computer games & went christmas shopping. I finished it all off today - apart from my nanna. It's hard to buy for her because she just watches television all day and never leaves the house. What do you buy a person like that?

I still have a gross beard. Tomorrow after Rowan and I compare beards I can shave it off and be normal and non-itchy again.

"Thankyou metabolife!"

December 9th, 2004

06:26 am: I go day to day at the apple orchard/vinyard waiting for the day to be over, but then I'm too exhausted to enjoy myself when I get home. Argh. I did have time to start a new hobby though, collecting old crusty games for my laptop - which can't handle good ones. It's been good. I am ashamed to say that I am currently playing Pokemon Ruby, and will be playing a Dragonball Z type RPG afterwards.

Anyone know of / is a male who is looking for a flat for 2005? Right next to uni? Because I'm now going to Wellington I have to find someone to replace me at the old flat. If you do let me know.

Game of the day: "Pokemon Red" - The first Pokemon game I played. I hate the TV show, but there is something about the game that is kind of appealing. I hate the goody goodness of it though. If I was a small child I would feel abused with political correct nonsense. And that was finally game of the day #50!

November 28th, 2004

11:33 am: Hit the Blenheim town last night with my brother & his mates. One of them turned 18 at midnight. It was a good night but I feel so ill this morning. I was in one of those really generous moods, and I am thankful I only had $50 in my bank account.

November 26th, 2004

04:11 pm: I am apple thinning now. I am alive, but very sleep deprived.

November 20th, 2004

07:19 am: Vines
It's Saturday morning but I woke up at 6:45am, unable to get back to sleep. That is something that sucks about working at the vinyard. I thought I'd do a post about the vinyard, just so people know what it's like.

I work for this guy Dave, who owns a large piece of property. He is not alligned with any winery in particular, he is just Dave. He also has a small block of apples, as well as saffron bulbs planted in the middle of some of the grape rows. He harvested & prepared about a kilo of saffron this year - worth around $25k (or so I've been told).

I work with two people mainly - Terry and Tracy. Terry is in his own little world. He is short, balding, wears very old clothes, and sort of mumbles to himself a lot. He is quite happy at the vinyard because he seems to have conversations in his head. He loves it. I like Terry though, because he can be quite funny at times. He is not as unintelligent as you might think at first. Tracy has the foulest mouth I have ever heard. She is VERY skinny, has legs like kermit, is white as a ghost, and has dirty ginger hair. She is 32 years old - and she looks about 52 because she smokes about a packet a day and refuses to wear sunscreen. My favourite quote from her was when she was bitching about someone else that used to work hear, and how she had a foul mouth, and she said "You should have heard the fucking words coming out of that fucking bich's mouth!" I just smiled to myself.

At the moment we are doing three jobs. I'll explain each of them.

When you grow grapes you have one fixed wire at a fixed height. You grow the vines up to the wire, and then train it down onto the wire so that it grows first up out of the ground and then horizontal along the wire. From this a whole heap of other shoots grow, and you want them to grow straight up - not in all directions. So you have a wire on each side that is NOT fixed, and you can lift up onto some nails. This holds all the vine growth in - and makes it look like a wall of grape vine. Lifting this wire is called Wire Lifting. A good job, as it is not back breaking, and allows for conversation.

When the vines are growing up to the wire you want only ONE stem to grow to the wire - so you create a 'trunk' for the plant. When they are young, they grow many 'trunks' so you have to remove them and break it down to one stem. This removal of all the laterals (stems that will grow into their own vine system, not just leaves) is called Bud Rubbing. Early on you can actually remove the buds instead of this, and this does the same thing. That's why it's called Bud Rubbing.

Finally yesterday we did some apple thinning. When you have a tree with large bunches of fruit, they often grow too small - because there is not enough juice in the tree to support all the fruit, the fruit grow against eachother and bruise eachother, or the fruit bunches can get too heavy and break branches off. So we thin out all the bunches of apples (when they are just wee tiny things) down to 2's and 3's. Yesterday I was working with newly planted trees, and we had to remove almost every fruit from the trees.

And THAT my friends is the vinyard & orchard. Next week we are planting saffron bulbs. I'll tell you about it after it happens.

Hope all is well in Christchurch. Blenheim is sunny, hot, friendly, but I miss all my friends.

Current Mood: awake

November 17th, 2004

05:09 pm: Awesomeness
After a long and gruelling wait, I finally got my letter from Toi Whakaari - and I GOT IN! It's like a dream come true. Thankyou to everyone who gave me support, especially you Sarah. Sarah made me audition. She is awesomeness incarnate.

So I'm going to Wellington. Sadly, I probably won't ever live in Christchurch again, so I'd like to say farewell in a way. I'll be back in a week an a half to get the rest of my stuff and visit friends.

This email makes it sound like I'm not excited, and that's because my friend Rowan in Toi Whakaari told me the other day that he talked to one of the panel judges and asked if I was in - and he said yes, only there was controversy over whether or not he meant me or the other tall red headed guy. Then I got this email from Toi Whakaarisent to 20 people, not 48, and I thought that was another promising sign. So I have been kind of expecting it, but also DYING to get the final word.

Game of the day: LIFE!

November 15th, 2004

07:04 am: Vinyard
I am about to embark on my first day at work. Usually I'd start at 6:30am, but today it's 7:30am. It's just started raining in town so I don't know whether or not there will actually be work today. Probably.

I finished my first novel last night since 7th form. It was "The Seeker" by Simon Hawke. He was a bit over-descriptive. It's the second book to a series I read the first of many years ago. I need to find the third book now.

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